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A few years ago on an ordinary day i was stopped by a sudden summer shower while i was walking under the arcades downtown Milan. Waiting for the rain to stop, i entered the nearest bookshop. It was there that i came across Anne. I was wandering aimlessly around the bookshelves when it got dark unexpectedly. It was a sudden blackout caused by a lightning fallen too near. In these days of terrorist attacks only the faint light of the emergency lamps made the customers to keep calm. I couldn't see very much but i was attracted by the faint reflection of the neon lamp on the cover of the only one shiny book among a lot of matt ones in front of me. Light came again; a female profile of a disarming beauty was hypnotizing me. She was a foreigner, she introduced herself as Annemarie Schwarzenbach. She told me about her life; i got lost and then i found myself on a train going southwards, back home. An untamed spirit, a delicate soul, a fallen angel; that woman was charming me. In those hard years which marked the beginning of the XX century she overcame unreachable borders and went along roads that were unconceivable for a woman of those times. Writing, photography, passion, love; she lived every moment with the sensation that it was unique, unrepeatable, necessary. She didn't lead an easy life, always escaping incomprehension, addiction, fear, a world which disappointed her and which didn't belong to her, escaping a life which wasn't hers, escaping herself. She was always running away from all those shades we too often have inside us, always searching for something, for the other one. I myself was searching for something, something else, something unknown, something different from me. Soon I realized I was on her side, on the other side, "on the shade side".
This web-site is dedicated to Anne and to all those women who are looking for themselves
and you can only meet while travelling.
Mauro Corinti