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Every time and every place in the world i traveled, i found the same child playing the same game; a strange game, a death game, War.

I start asking me why, and when and how a young mind could breed such a stupid game. I thought about places and people from whom they could have leanrt the game, movies on television, videogames, newspapers, friends and soon i realized i wasn’t really interesting in casual situations but in intentional ones. At first i focused the attention on public place, where child could came in touch with arms: museums for example or shops and rifle-ranges, but in Italy is fortunately not easy to enter this spots for a minor and still more to buy a gun is stictly forbidden.

What was left over?
The answer was simple: public arms exhibitions, and the most upsetting experience was to see so many kids taking by their own parents and relatives. In these days of terrorist attacks, kidnaps, illegal immigration, mistrust and fear of the neighbours i suddenly realized that it wasn’t only a simple game but an (un)conscious necessity of security.

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