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Maderae Milano Fornitures is a designers’ project collaboration.

The task of the products is to rekindle the wood’s mystery and soul, its poetry and ancient heritage through the project’s lines and the ever-fallible precision of craftsmanship. Each piece created by maderae is the result of a sought-after balance between functionality and awareness of the material, between scale and patience in making of the product, through a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional woodworking techniques.

In the spirit of maderae, even the choice of materials is a priority: native italian wood, selected and worked with care and attention to the sustainability of the process, from the initial cutting of the timber to the finishing of each piece, with a view to reducing manufacturing waste to a bare minimum. At the heart of it all lies the desire to set off, to its full potential, the symbolic charge held within each object. By blending formal planning and pure craftsmanship, the ambition is to create design items that are truly unique, thereby non reproducible technically as created by hand and from an intimate understanding of the materials.

Designed and produced by Giacomo Moor and David Dolcini.


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