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KAORI MIYAYAMA “La Dimora del Cielo” Art Exhibition

A medieval fortress located a few kilometres from the town of Piacenza host Kaori Miyayama’s aesthetic universe. Undergoing renovation, the Castle posses a requisite that for the Japanese Artist is an essential element in the staging of her decade-long artistic research: the encounter between the built environment and the Nature in a temporal parabola that extends from the past to the present. Kaori Miyayama’s works appear as membranes with diverse levels of opacity suspended between anchient architectural volumes, impalpables “walls” that tranform the world before our eyes. The natural light that filters through these swaying installations awakens the viewer’s visual apparatus. The perception of the surrounding environment changes and a new aesthetic horizons is being drawn. (by Chiara Cardini)

Placed in MiM – Museum in Motion

Castle of Montanaro, San Giorgio Piacentino (PC) – from 30 April to 29 May 2022

Art Exhibition of KAORI MIYAYAMA

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