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Salone del Mobile Milano Arlexitalia 2014

Arlexitalia was born in north east Italy in 1993. The name derives from Harlequin, a famous character of the Venetian Carnival who wears a costume composed by colourful patches. The idea was to realize coloured bathroom furniture, since in the 90s they were just laquered white or in wood. Mariluccia Baccin, the Founder, comes from the fashion world, where collections are realized with fine clothes and many colours, so why not transferring those colours also to the bathroom world?

It’s the birth of the new collection, India red, English green, Silver, Turquoise, Provence yellow. This completely new trend is proposed at Cersaie fair in Bologna and it’s an instant success with orders from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Austria, France, etc. These bright colours are matched with “Up & Down” collection, a revolutionary round shaped model designed by Arch. Bertoncini. Mariluccia decides to buy immediately the rights of this product and to introduce this brand new collection to the Media. Another collection born in 1993 was called “Tiepolo”: made in cherry wood with Murano glass legs and mirror, completed by coordinated accessories in the same precious material.

The Company has always been connected to its Venetian roots: all the collections are realized with Venetian raw materials. In our products, finishings are handcrafted by specialized artisans that dedicate absolute passion to their job.


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