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In Ivory Coast, Soleterre NGO contributes to develop an importantant Project of research and care about a desease which indiscriminately strucks child, men and wemen of any age.

“Buruli” is the name of a bacterium which enter human body after the infection of wounds by contact with contaminated water. In african rural districts its very hard to store clean water and sometimes it’s impossible to prevent the contact with infected water douring a normal working day in farming life. Buruli enters body by blood, circuletes in every organs and finds the right place to reproduce.

It’s hard to prevent Buruli as much as to take care of the patient if he doesn’t come on time to the hospital. Bacterium start eating human boby: on first the skin, muscles and ligaments, than internal organs with no discrimination and there’s no way to stop it. Even the amputation of infected parts can only delay the desease’ course. Hospital is small but one of the most developed for the Research and Care of this unknoun “plague” which affected people in many Country all over the World.

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