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Located on the main floor of the seventeenth-century building in Codogno (LO), the “Lamberti Art Collection” was inaugurated in 1973 by the painter Giuseppe Novello. The Art Collection was established twelve years after Lamberti’s death and in 1988 after Novello’s death was added with its conspicuous collection. The art collector Carlo Lamberti, painter himself and friend of artists, had made Art the passion of a lifetime.

Rooms on the main floor, elegantly frescoed with pleasant decorative motifs, worthy frame to a precious collection of paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculptures dating from the sixteenth century to the present day, for a total of almost 300 works. Gems of the collection are two enchanting watercolors of the “scapigliato” Tranquillo Cremona:The curious” and “Reviewing the lesson”, but there are also historical oil paintings, watercolors by Angelo Pietrasanta, humorous drawings by Alessandro Bertamini, in addition to the works of Lamberti’s artist friends, Giorgio Belloni, Paolo Troubetzkoy, Piero Belloni Betti, Arturo Tosi and Giuseppe Novello. With donations and legacies many other artists have entered the Collection: Consadori, Longaretti, Carpi, Treccani, Steffenini, Dalla Zorza, Cascella, Castellani, Melotto, Senigaglia, Cotugno and Suzzani.

In 2017, two new rooms are added to the collection, on the ground floor, elegantly furnished and with numerous valuable works, including Novello, Vellani Marchi, Vernizzi, Viani and Frai.


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